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    Email: sales@hughbrown.com

    Postal Address:

    Hugh Brown

    PO Box 214

    Darlington WA

    Australia 6070


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    { 2014-03-15 }
    Hugh is currently gearing for a major photographic exhibition in China.  The exhibition will feature 98 of Hugh's Pilbara and mining works and is Hugh's...
    { 2014-02-15 }
    Most of December and January were spent back in the Pilbara region waiting for storms.  The weather this time was not kind and Hugh struggled for images...
    { 2013-11-15 }
    In November Hugh returned from four weeks working in India.  The people were out of this world wonderful, though the shooting conditions were very diffi...
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Hugh Brown is a professional photographer based in Perth, Western Australia.

Hugh specialises in an eclectic mix of genres, linked by the common theme of capturing aspects of our world that are rapidly disappearing. A "Shrinking World" as Hugh calls it.

Hugh has made it his life’s work to document selected aspects of our world that are undergoing rapid change.  People and their stories.  Towns.  Occupations.  Industries.  Landscapes.  Hugh strives to shoot important photographs, not just pretty photographs.

Hugh has worked in some of the world’s most difficult and challenging photographic environments.  It is Hugh’s hope that his images will one day act as an historical marker for what is an incredibly unique time in our history.

Hugh has worked around the world since 2006, photographing major mining projects, but also long-term documentary projects.  He has worked in some of the world's most sensitive and difficult places and has an ability to work with people from all cultures and walks of life.

In 2012 Hugh travelled to Indonesia and spent three weeks living with and photographing men that manually extracted sulphur from an active volcano. In 2013 Hugh travelled to India to photograph some of the country's artisanal coal miners: men and women working to extract coal by hand. These trips form part of a continuing project that will lead to a production of a major coffee table book in years to come.

In Australia, Hugh's special passions lie in photographing Western Australia’s outback landscapes, and in capturing the people, towns and occupations of those regions. He has a particular interest in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions.  These regions are located in Australia’s far north-west.  He has devoted his working life to this task: to capturing the unique and living history of these places before they too are gone.

Hugh has been photographing the Pilbara and Kimberley regions for sixteen years and knows both areas intimately.  He has produced four coffee table books on the regions and a further two coffee table books for corporate clients.  He currently has two other books at advanced stages of completion.

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